COSPLAY REVIEW: Batgirl in Chicago

GS Batgirl

Cosplay is brilliant. Cosplay on location is even better. Check out this DC cosplay in Chicago!

I’m not sure what it is about this costume, but to me it has a retro vibe. Maybe it’s the muted silver, bright yellow and simplicity to the suit which the newer Batman costumes lack. Also, THAT HAIR. The colour and wave to it scream old-school Batgirl, Barbara Gordon.

GS Batgirl

This cosplay is by Nina, aka MangoSirene. Here costumes are pretty amazing, so you should definitely go check out her work at DeviantArt and Tumblr! Her Atla cosplay is brilliant.

I think the majority of the costume is homemade, but the mask is by ReevzFX. They specialise in sculptures, props and masks of characters from Capt. America’s helmet, to a bust of the Joker. If you have any questions or want a piece commissioned, you can contact them here.

Have you ever cosplayed as one of the Batman Family? Let us know!

Source: DeviantArt
Reporter: Jess Hawke

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