COSPLAY REVIEW: Cosplay on Location

GS Capt America

I wrote a post a while ago about Batgirl cosplay on location in Chicago. It was great to see the costumes in a themed setting rather than in a studio or on a convention floor. I thought I’d find a few more examples like this!

GS Poison Ivy

First up, Poison Ivy in a green wonderland. Shot at The Missouri Botanical Gardens, this is perhaps one of the best locations with easy access to for this cosplay. You can’t tell it’s set in a very urban area. It’s the complete opposite and looks like somewhere you’d find deep in the Amazon Rainforest! Desiree Alana is the cosplayer doing a fabulous job as Poison Ivy. Check out more pictures from the shoot here.

GS Capt America WW

Next in the ranks of awesome cosplay are Wonder Woman and Captain America at an aircraft carrier. Not the traditional Wonder Woman, but 1940s soldier instead. The whole piece works really well, even the characters are from different universes. I’m not sure exactly where this shoot is set, but I’m assuming an aircraft or war museum. If anyone knows the location, let us know! Here are the rest of the photos from the shoot.

GS Red Riding Hood

Finally for our cosplay on location, we have Red Riding Hood. Yes the location is spot on. It’s set in the woods. Can’t go wrong there. But this cosplay gets bonus points because of those adorable ‘wolves’… (More likely huskies, they’re fluffier than wolves). I have an elkhound (same husky family) and this is giving me ideas for cosplay! You can see the rest of the shoot here.

So that’s three great looks on location for you this morning. When I find more, I’ll share those too!

Source: GeekNative and CosplayCouture
Reporter: Jess Hawke

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