COSPLAY REVIEW: The Many Faces of Supergirl

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One of the most popular characters to cosplay is without a doubt Supergirl. Geek Tyrant have released their Supergirl – Best of Collection on their website. Take a look!

This post from Geek Tyrant looks at the best examples of Supergirl cosplay out there. They show her with a variety of costumes and in different situations, with no two looks the same. The majority show her personality really well, but some (my opinion) are a little too ‘girly’. Ok she’s Superman’s little cousin, so she should be seen with a smidgen of innocence. But she should primarily be portrayed as a strong female character, who looks ready to take on whatever the world throws at her. I believe that part of cosplay means capturing the spirit of the character and I think that loads of these photos achieve that, but there are a few that could perhaps be improved.

GS Supergirl 1for_the_world_by_dangerousladies-d3khxcj

Supergirl Cosplay by Dangerousladies

One of the best photos from a location and styling point of view is Supergirl by Dangerousladies. It’s great to see all the different costumes in one place. It shows all different times in her life and gives the impression that Supergirl could have multiple personalities.

GS Supergirl 2just_like_that__like_it_ain__t_no_thang__by_rose0fmay-d4uqx5k

Supergirl Cosplay by Rose0fMay

My personal favourite is Supergirl photoshopped in front of a moving train, by cosplayer Rose0fMay. A one-piece costume means little chance of a wardrobe malfunction while on the job and I think it wouldn’t be too difficult to run in those boots. The idea of putting a character in a comic book situation makes them much more believable and gets lots of bonus points from me. Cosplay on location is the best.

Head over to the original post on GeekTyrant to see all the amazing photos plus links to all the cosplayers and other work they’ve done.

Source: GeekTyrant
Reporter: Jess Hawke

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