COSPLAY ROUND UP: Star Wars Special

Here’s your weekly dose of cosplay goodness from the team at GS. In celebration of Star Wars Day, we’ve been tracking down the best Jedis, Wookies and Siths to give you this week’s cosplay round up. Enjoy!

It’s finally Friday! In celebration of Star Wars Day this week, we’re taking a look back at all the GS archives, as well as the Star Wars cosplay that’s been floating around the interwebs to give you this week’s round up. See something you’ve cosplayed before, or a costume you’d love to have a go at making? Let us know!

Here are our favourites from the SDCC13 cosplay round up we did a while back…


Hey, Chewie.

pink vader

Princess Vader


Scottish Stormtrooper


Across the pond, baseball games were shaken up a bit with the appearance of some funny looking fielders


How all baseball games should be.

The most AMAZING Bobba Fett ball gown.

The most AMAZING Bobba Fett ball gown.

Steampunk Jedi

Steampunk Jedi

Remember that Tarfful cosplay we reviewed last year? The video was so good, we thought we’d show you again.


Best fandom mash up ever?


Maybe this is more of a controversial Star Wars group cosplay. Could there be spontaneous sing-alongs in Star Wars VII? Everyone ever is hoping not.


It begins…


Which character from Star Wars would you most like to cosplay? Ever done a group skit for a competition? Seen the terrifying Star Wars/Disney troop in person? Let us know!


Reporter: Jess Hawke

Source: Instagram, YouTube, SIKIDS, G4TV, Everything Mouse

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