Could the Shopkeeper From Mr Benn Have Been a Time Lord?

If, like me, you were a fan of Mr Benn then there was one thing we probably would agreed on. We all wanted to punch the shopkeeper in the face, repeatedly. I mean who remembers the time Mr Benn stopped a war breaking out between the cowboys and the Native Americans over a game of hide and seek or saving a stone age community or the great balloon race he won? At the end of those adventures he gets invited to one heck of a shindig and the midst of some well deserved fun the shop keeper appears with some crappy reason as to why Benn needs to step into another room. And before you can say ‘What a git’ Benn is back in the changing room of the shop then a few seconds later he’s out on the street.

Aside from my obvious dislike for this fez wielding sociopath I have sneaking suspicion that the shopkeeper was a Timelord. I mean for a start he wears a Fez and we all know that a certain Timelord has a thing about Fez’s. Also whenever Ben’s leaves the shop changing room he ends up in a different time and place…I mean could that be anymore TARDIS like?

The real clincher however lies in his name. The Shopkeeper is only ever referred to as The Shopkeeper much like The Doctor and the Master I mean it’s clear as day right?

So in conclusion I submit the The Shopkeeper is in fact a Timelord in disguise, perhaps even the Master ( probably wearing the Fez to make us think it’s the doctor that sly devil). Yes I did have way too much time on my hands to come up with this theory.

Anyhoo if you are fan of Mr Benn (and not a crackpot like me) then you’ll be interested in the vintage sale estate sale that the team of Art You Grew Up With with are curating art the moment.

After the launch of our Mr Benn ‘Masterpieces’ recently, “Yours” Magazine has run a feature highlighting our Mr Benn collection. One of our early pieces – ‘Mr Benn Waves’ has sold out, but, we wanted to make sure you had the chance to buy one of the 9 pieces that feature a hand-drawn Remarque; a unique Mr Benn drawing by David McKee, on each one. We’ve also included a couple of our other favourite editions as availability is now low.

Remember though if you walk into a costume shop and the shopkeeper is wearing a run…you run your ass off. It’s only a matter of time before he turns full on evil.

Source: Art You Grew Up With
GS Blogger: Nuge

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