Countdown to London Super Comic Con 2014 – Part 2

It’s part 2 of our countdown to the London Super Comic Con and we still have bags of news to get through so read on gentle comic fan.

Art You Grew Up With


Mr Benn and the dodgy shopkeeper

I first came across these purveyors of fine art when I was invited along to an art exhibition they had set up at Selfridges. If I had more money (or actual money) I would have left with most of the art work on display as there were some truly stunning pieces up for grabs. Of course my second plan to stage an elaborate heist in still in the works. The exhibition was also the first time I came across the work of Des Taylor.


Des Taylor Takes on Thunderbirds

The idea behind The Art You Grew Up With  is that they sell original pieces of artwork from some of the most beloved cartoons,comics and shows. You can find art from Mr Benn (damn that shopkeeper always turning up when stuff got interesting ), Thunderbirds,2000AD, Clone Wars, Afro Samurai,the Simpsons and much,much more.

The Art You Grew Up With team will be at LSCC at Booths 16,18, and 20

Advert Break – Elemental Micah


Stampede: Jessica’s Story by Chantelle Awere


Youth crime is on the rise in England as the gap between social classes increases. Resulting in an increase in street “gangs.” To tackle this problem the government made a plan to reform these unruly teenagers by giving these youths an incentive. Which was providing them with their own housing and “pocket” money but only if they study a course of the government’s choice, stay out of trouble and attend classes as often as necessary. A quick fix to a very complicated problem.

Stampede: Jessica’s story is about a troubled angry girl stuck under one of the government’s incentives and her empathetic classmate named Ryam who befriends her. But as Jessica slowly falls back into street gang culture, Ryam also finds himself falling in with her as he tries to help her to stop. Deep into a downward spiral of fight clubs, hatred and gang rivalry. Will both of them get out of it alive or will it end tragically? Is there any hope for a hurt and struggling youth?

I haven’t read Stampede: Jessica’s story but I liked the sound of it from the blurb to give it a spot on the countdown. The manga art style looks like it is a great fit for the type of story being told. It’s also fantastic to see young creators, rolling up their sleeves and creating comics to help talk about important issues.


I reckon I will try to find Chantelle’s table and pick up a copy of the first issue. Stampede:Jessica’s story is also available on Comicsy.

Crappy Cardboard Cosplay with The Hat Decides

The Hat Decides Boys at LSCC2012

The Hat Decides Boys at LSCC2012

From before I first started podcasting I was a huge fan of the QPAW/The Hat Decides boys aka Jon and Matt. If I made to the end of one of their episodes without embrassing myself with some crazy laughter in a public place then I was clearly not listening hard enough.

Nowadays it seems that the only time I catch up with the lads is once a year at the LSCC. Of course it’s great to see the fellas but their crappy cardboard cosplay cracks me up every time. After the last two years worth of awesome cardboard fun I’m looking forward to seeing what the fellas come up with this year.

I have no idea who the lads are coming as this year but I’m hoping one of them tackles the Hulk. Also hoping to see who else indulges in some cardboard madness for the coveted honour of having the crappiest costumer…there will be photos!

Jon from Q!PAW ‏@panelologistsHell yeah we’re doing cardboard again! 1 Marvel, 1 DC, 1 Independent. for anyone to post their own crappy cardboard pics! Winner is the most rubbish.


The 5 C’s competition comes to The London Super Comic Convention.

See here for our crappy cardboard costumes and post your own useless creations.

The winner is the worst cosplay.

The rules:

it has to be crappy – we don’t want quality here.

it has to be made of cardboard – no shop-bought costumes

comic book characters only!

….  er, it has to be cosplay?…

it’s a bloody competition!

We’ll show you ours if you show us yours.



The Hat Decides guys and their cardboard cosplay for LSCC 2013

LSCC Creator/Exhibitor Tweets!

There so much info bouncing around the electrical ether called social media I thought I would pick up some of the tweets out there about what creators are up to at the show.

Lee Garbett – Sketchbook peeps! When purchasing a sketchbook, spare a thought for us poor ol’ southpaws. Those ring binders are a flippin nightmare #LSCC

Si Spurrier ‏– Who’s about at the weekend for #LSCC, by the way? I’ll be cluttering up the @Avatarpress booth. By which I mean the bar.

Martin Stiff ‏ –I’m signing copies of The Absence at #LSCC on Saturday 15 March at 4pm on the @ForbiddenPlanet stand (tables 115-121) Come along and say hi!

Apes ‘n’ Capes ‏ – #LSCC. This weekend. Artist’s Alley. Table A7. End message.
Aces Weekly ‏@GeekSyndicate We have lotsa titles in lotsa volumes of Aces Weekly and we’re at @LSComicCon!
jessica7martin – Some film themed art for @LSComicCon this weekend!
Ok that’s it for now but remember if you want to let us know what you’ll be doing at the convention then by all means drop us a line at or put something in the comments below…see you on the next countdown!
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