Countdown to London Super Comic Con 2015 – Part 2

Good morow gentle comic fan and welcome to day two of the Geek Syndicate countdown to the London Super Comic Con. So lets crack on with the comic sass shall we geekdom?

Time to Kick the Tires and Light the Fires with ‘The Heart of Time’

I decided to open today’s countdown with a Kickstarter not just because I could use it as very tenuous excuse to quote Independence day but because this project, not only, looks like a lot of fun but it will also be at the convention this weekend.


The Heart of Time is an anarchic adventure, inspired by long-running series such as Avatar: TLA and Samurai Champloo. Written and illustrated by Sarah Millman, the comic has been published online as a webcomic since 2012 (read it here) and has been sold in single issue format at events such as Thought Bubble and London MCM. Chapters 1 to 3 are already complete, while 4 will be completed before the end of this campaign.

Sarah left a comment on yesterday’s countdown page so I decided to give it a proper mention in today’s countdown. I really liked the look of the artwork on this comic and story, what I read of it so far, was a lot of fun.

Sarah  will be promoting her project throughout LSCC and as promised that  anyone who pledges to the project and can show her their confirmation email will earn themselves a free sketch.You can’t say fairer than that!


You can find out more about the project over on the Heart of Time Kickstarter page.  Check out a pages from the webcomic below.



Guests I’m planing to stalk *coughs* meet

Michael Avon Oeming

I have been accused in the past of having the attention span of a small child dosed up on a truck load of chocolate and coke (the fizzy drink sicko). There have been fantastic comics where I have devoured and fallen in love with issue one and then completely forget to go back to the comic. The next thing I knew the years had flown past and said comic was celebrating its 10oth issue (yes Invincible I mean you). One comic series, however, that is immune to my poor memory has been Powers, which details the adventures of Detectives Walker and Pilgrim and their continuing investigations of powers related crimes.

I’m hoping I get the chance to stop by Michael’s table not to get a signature or a sketch (well maybe a small one) but to shake his hand and tell him how much I have loved his work on Powers. I’ve also been hearing good things about United States of Murder Inc. so I may see if I can pick that up at the con as well.

Jonathan Ross

Way back when he wasn’t doing interview with anyone Jonathan Ross decided, pretty much out of the blue, to come on our podcast and chat comics. I have to say it was an eye opening experience in terms of not judging folks who are in the spotlight and that he was an even bigger geek than Dave and myself combined.

Although I’ve not read his latest comic Revenge yet I really enjoyed Turf and America’s Got Powers. It’s always interesting hearing him talk about his experiences coming into the comic writing world as a newbie and that experience has taught him.

He is also a very down to earth and approachable guy so if you are a fan of his work or of him then seek him out,  if you can get near him. If you do get near him tell him he still owes me a tenner!

Lee Bermejo

I still remember the first time I closed the final page of Lex Luthor: Man of Steel and thought ‘Yeah Superman is a dick’. For that reason alone (well that and the fantastic art by Lee) I hope I get the chance to stop by Lee’s table. The comics has been out for ages now but if you like ‘seeing things from another point of view’ do yourself a favour a seek out Lex Luthor: Man of Steel. Oh and looking at the LSCC website I saw that Lee also worked on Global ‘where’s my flipping TV show or Paul Dini produced cartoon series’ Frequency. And now I have another reason to find this man and shake his hand…yep a lot of hand shaking is planned for this weekend.

Other Guests you should to see in one or two Sentences aka the Quick Fire Guest Round

Des Taylor – it’s a good job Des is such a phenomenal artist and nice fella otherwise I would be getting a court injunctions to stop him from cosplaying as me everything bloody time I him. I also have a Indiana Jones DT commission hanging in my office…well worth the cash!

Scarlett Screenshot 2014-11-23 at 18.13.57

Des Taylor’s Scarlett Couture Coming Soon


Cy Dethan – because no writer in my humble opinion had given me a line that stands up to his genius “I will piss bullets down your throat” line.

Al Ewing aka the voice – Not only does Al possess a voice that should be narrating disaster film trailers he’s a pretty decent writer to boot. Doing sterling work on the 11th Doctor series from Titan.

Grant Perkins – Great guy, great beard (I wish I had a beard), fantastic artist and I still say he was robbed of playing Bane in the Dark Knight rises to that Hardy upstart.

A great piece of who art from Grant Perkins


More of these tomorrow!

Cos it’s Cosplay innit!

With cosplays growing more and more popular in the convention scene it would be silly to do a countdown and not focus a little on the cosplay highlights we can expect at the con. Rather than fumble over it myself I am going to pass you across to fellow GS team member and avid cosplayer Vix.

Over to you Vix!

Thanks Nuge!

So, conventions season has started and I’m off to LSCC this weekend for my first con of the year.  It’ll be my first visit to LSCC and I shall be going in full costume of course. I’ll be taking my Fraction/Aja version of Hawkeye so if you see me, come and say hi!  I’ll be the one with a black eye, purple t-shirt and hands covered in bandages.  LSCC is purely comics based with a huge cosplay contingent.  It’s a great place to see some truly awe inspiring costumes and meet some fantastic new cosplay buddies.

There’s going to be many big names from the cosplay community in attendance.  People like Yaya Han, Bill Doran, Annashella and Nikita Cosplay, European Costume maker Svetlana Quindt aka Kamui, who will be one of the judges for the LSCC Cosplay Championship.  First prize again this year is a trip for two to Dragon Con in Atlanta USA!  Sneaky Zebra are also going to be there and will be hosting the Open Masquerade and the prize will be a place in one of their Cosplay videos.

And, big news, is that the SyFy channel will be there with their booth ,which will have their FanCam there.  FanCam is a panoramic camera set-up that will generate a 360 degree image which is designed to capture every last costume detail and leave no button uncaptured, Matrix style!  I’m going to give it a try myself so watch this space!

Table of the Day – Art Heroes

Thanks to Vix we have the cosplay covered and now we can crack on with today’s Table of the Day. Now I actually had my table of choice all nicely picked out and then I came across the Art Heroes website and the news they were shutting up shop.


It was a no brainer who should get Table of the Day after that.

At the moment a high number of comics seem to spend most of their time going to dark places, wearing even darker clothes and generally working on their gravelly voices, while eviscerating the baddies in much graphic styles as pen and ink can allow. Now I like to get my dark on like the next geek but it felt like the all ages market has it harder and harder to get the word out. I believe there is a place for every type of comic but I would hate to see kids missing out on the kind of stuff I used to read as a kid because there are so much fewer routes in, although that is changing. In my opinion it is all about bringing balance and doing its best impression of Luke Skywalker and co, bringing balance to the force was the Art Heroes team.

Always busy at conventions but always smiling and having fun with the  kids and parents, taking part in activities set up at their table. It’s also important to note that their titles never talked down to kids, a sentiment shared by the team manning the table.

If you have kids with you this weekend then do them and yourself a favour and swing by their table one last time. Also pick up Halcyon & Tenderfoot because it’s a great read.

To round up I can think of no better argument for stopping by the Art Heroes table than the final statement on the Art Heroes website.

Daniel Clifford and Lee Robinson worked together from Oct 2011 to Mar 2015 to bring comics, art and literacy to young people in North East England. During this time, the team worked with well over 2000 young people and published the all-ages comics Endangered and More Strange Stories and Halcyon & Tenderfoot, as well as creating Tracks for The Phoenix

Nuff said.


LSCC Creator/Exhibitor Tweets!

 – I’m going to be at on Saturday with perfect Mother’s Day gifts! #comics#hollywood
 – We’ll be at in just a few days! Hope to see you there!
 · 10h10 hours ago – This weekend at i’m table A112 right next to my neighbour . I’ll be the guy hidden by Cameron’s long queue 🙂
 · Thanks! for this incredible donation to ‘s first charity auction!
 – THIS WEEKEND! I’ll be signing at on Saturday 1-3pm. Only signing all weekend so come say hey! 🙂
 – So, yes, attendees! I’ll be there! Exhibitor Area, booth . Come and say hello, get stuff scribbled on, bring gin etc.
 – I’ll have these little A6 prints for sale this weekend at . It’s my only con this year so say hi  
Mar 7 –This time a week from now it will have been eight hours since I somehow made a fool of myself on the LSCC Doctor Who panel
GS Reporters: Nuge/Vix
Source: LSCC

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