Countdown to London Super Comic Con 2014 – Part 1

This weekend (15-16 March) sees London once more caught in the grip of comics as the London Super Comic Con lands at the Excel Centre for its third year. This will be first year I will be out from behind a exhibitors table and covering the event for Geek Syndicate along with Sara so keep and eye out for us!

One of the main attraction stressed by the team behind the convention is that the LSCC is all about comics rather than comics mixed in with TV, film and other mediums. Having been effectively chained to a desk for the last two conventions it will be interesting to see how well that choice plays out over the weekend.

In the build up to this year’s convention we have already had a quick chat with some of team behind the convention which you can check out here.

And the Sky was Full of Guests.

Of course it would not be a convention without some big name guest being lined up and LSCC have been hard at work in that regard. You can see a list of all the guests here and most of the names will speak for themselves I’m sure. Now of the next five days we will mention some of those names as  some  folks  who you may not know as well but whose wares you should definately be sampling.

So let the countdown begin!!!

Stephen Mooney –  Writer/Artist on Half Past Danger. If you love pulp adventure and haven’t checked out this mix of spies,wisecracking soldiers, Nazis,Ninjas and dinosaurs (I know right?)  then I would urge you to check Steve who will be in Artist Alley all weekend and signing.



Stephen Mooney is an Irish illustrator working in the fields of Comic Books, Animation and Video Games. His most recent credits include the New York Times best-selling Joss Whedon’s Angel and his hit creator-owned series,Half Past Danger, both for IDW Publishing

Check out our review of Half Past Danger 1 and our podcast interview with Stephen.

Des Taylor

While I’m on the Pulp gravy train it would be remiss of me not to mention  all round good guy and fantastic artist pin up Des Taylor. Sadly Des’s website is down for maintenance at the moment(reopens this week) but there’s loads of his stuff on his twitter feed and his facebook page.


Des Taylor is a POP Artist and Comic Book creator of Scarlett Couture, Katie Rogers (optioned at ITV studios America) and the Vesha Valentine Story.

Des will be on hand at LSCC with an array of artwork. Trust me you need to see some of the art this guy has one offer. I have an Indiana Jones commission from Des on my wall which makes me smile ever time I see it. Des is also working on his Scarlett Couture  comic which is being published by Titan Books. Check out the trailer for that below.


Art Heroes


Art Heroes is the trading name of Daniel Clifford and Lee Robinson, a writer and artist team publishing comic books and offering a range of creative workshops.

The Art Heroes team will be around the whole  weekend, with copies of the fantastic  all ages (I say fantastic because I’ve read it and it is) Halcyon & Tenderfoot, so if you’re bringing your kids to the convention then the Art Heroes table s great place to stop. I watched the Art Heroes team Thought Bubble running competition for the kids and really engaging with them, which was great to see. As well as Halcyon & Tenderfoot the Art Heroes team will have some prints and if you’re into freebies, and quite frankly who isn’t, the guys will have some free stuff on hand. 

Read our review of Halcyon & Tenderfoot #1 here.

I will be back with more news and picks in tomorrow’s countdown. In the meantime drop us a line at [email protected] and let us know what you’re up and if there is anything you want us to mention in an upcoming countdown.

Reporter: Nuge

Source: LSCC




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