Countdown to London Super Comic Con 2014 – Part 3

It’s part 3 of our epic countdown to the London Super Comic Con bring on the bombastic Hans Zimmer soundtrack…BRING IT ON!

Comic Heroes and Comic Review


If you’ve been playing close attention to the LSCC website you will have seen SFX sister magazine Comic Heroes  plastered about the place. This is because the magazine is one the supporting media partners of the event. To find out more I collared SFX editor in chief Dave Bradley and threatened to sing to him until he dished the goods. It took him all of five seconds to start talking.

“So, Comic Heroes is really just supporting: we’re not presenting anything on stage, although you will see a lot of our branding and there is a video running on some of the screens explaining what Comic Heroes is all about. A month ago we launched our weekly digital mag, a comics review mag called Comic Review, and we’ll be showcasing that and meeting up with people to explain where that’s going. Basically, we review all the comics out each week in a 32-page minimag (that also delivers a little bit of news and interview content) and it’s free on Apple Newsstand to people who already subscribe to Comic Heroes in digital form! If you just want to read an individual issue, that’s cool too: it’s just 99p. It’s really taking off and thousands of people are downloading it every Friday afternoon. So we hope to be talking about that around the show. We’ll also be taking the opportunity to meet some of our friends – Tony Lee, Paul Cornell and others – so come and find us in The Fox! And we’ll be getting some interviews done for the quarterly print mag too.
Hope that helps – nothing much more to say at the moment, our weekend schedule is pretty fluid because we’re there to hang out and see what’s going on rather than present anything. You can follow our movements at @comicheroesmag and @SFXmagazine” – Dave Bradley.



The great thing about doing these countdown posts is stumbling across comics and creators I’ve never heard before. As I was as trawling for news on Facebook I came across a pencil sketch that was amazing.


A little more reading told me that this wasn’t just a nice piece of art commission for LSCC but from a sci-fi comic called Visaroth written by Abigail Knights with art by Patrick Hennings. The main thrust of the story is that Earth is in a sorry state after an intergalactic war and the only thing keeping the economy going is a single slave city. Into all of this comes the vicious and notorious bounty hunter Visaroth.


The first issue subtitled ‘the innocent’ is available now from big cartel and you can have a read of a preview here. I strongly urge you to check out the preview. I was blown away by the art and was won over by the story in the first few pages. The way we are introduced to Major Elijah Phillips, a disillusioned ex-army Major who now works in the slave city training troops is brilliant. Elijah’s journey from fearless solider to a sad reflection of who he once was is handled with a heavy reliance on the art to do the talking with some scene setting captions showing just what a horrific world Elijah now works within. These early pages left me wondering just how did Elijah character end up where he is? What event or events could have brought this man to his knees? The fact I’m asking myself that after a few pages tells me this is a comic I want to see more of.

I’m pretty sure the Visaroth table(D134) will be my first stop when the doors open on Saturday.

Saturday Panels

What comic convention worth its salt doesn’t have panels to add some spice to the warm and brothy con soup(nope I have no idea where that came from either).

Below is a nice bright image showing off the Saturday panels. Just don’t tell the LSCC police as I ‘appropriated’ it from their website in a series of Ninja like mouse movements.


When it comes to panels  I like to have  a rough idea what panels I would like to attend. The problem is that plan can change dramatically once the event is underway and the siren call of the dealers,guests and exhibitors calls to me from across the convention floor.

However looking at the Saturday schedule  I would like to check out the following…

12:45 – 13:30 We Are Boom! (read a few of their comics and enjoyed them so I’m interested to see what is coming next).

My first panel clash comes between  Max Brooks at 13:45 – 14:45 (because well it’s Zombies vs Vampires innit?) and the Doctor Who in Comics panels at 14:00 -14:45 (Tony Lee always gives good panel). Maybe if I go to the Doctor Who panel I’ll get tips on time travel that I can utilize to travel back in time and watch the panels I miss. Hopefully I can manage it without creating a time paradox…again.

Jonathan Ross and Ian Churchill’s Revenge -I have been following Jonathan Ross’s comic career since Turf (which I loved) so if I can get into the panel at 15:00 -16:00 I would like to see what him and Ian Churchill  are up to with Revenge.

IDW Invades! – Seeing as my fave comic of last year Half Past Danger was published by IDW it would be criminal of me not to attend their panel at 16:00-16:45

Let us know what panels you’re looking forward to attending in the comments section.

LSCC Creator/Exhibitor Tweets!

Finally lets look at a few tweets of the day!

Tony Lee ‏@mrtonylee  Coming to #LSCC Sat? Remember I’m on the Doctor Who 2pm panel & signing from 2.45 with @davegibbons90 – minimal amounts of books available!
scott stanford ‏@DARKERSIDEOFOZ  I’ll be signing at @LSComicCon this weekend. So if your a fan of #giallo, #fantasy novels or a very darker side of Oz come see me at A95.
Avatar Press ‏@Avatarpress  Look for @kierongillen, @sispurrier, Jacen Burrows, Max Brooks, & William Christensen at London SuperCon #LSCC at the Avatar booth!
Ok that’s it for now but remember if you want to let us know what you’ll be doing at the convention then by all means drop us a line at or put something in the comments below…see you on the next and final countdown!
GS Reporter: Nuge
Source: LSCC


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