Countdown to London Super Comic Con 2015 – Part 1

As the London Super Comic Con gets ready to open its doors once again this weekend, here at GS, I thought it was time to start the old con countdown timer going.

This will be my first convention of 2015 con season so I can’t wait to immerse myself in comic chat, panels and catching up with fellow comic geeks along the way.

As is the tradition of these con countdowns I will be looking at what people can expect from the con and some the things that stand out to me.

So lets saddle up people because this article won’t write itself!

Podcast Alley Comes to LSCC!

This year the team behind LSCC are given some of us podcasters the chance to contribute our own personal brand of crazy to the convention.


Geek Syndicate will have a table at LSCC this year and we will be using it as a base of operation while we wander around taking in the sights and sounds of the con. We will be doing interviews and hopefully some podcast recordings at the table itself (if we remember to bring all our kit). If you enjoy any of our podcasts, are a fellow podcaster or just curious then please drop by and say hi…we don’t bite (we do however scratch and claw so bring whisky to sooth us!).


Our pals at the Sidekickcast Gav and Dan will also have a table and will be doing some live podcasting from the table. The guys will also be selling a few choice items at the table.

Sidekickcast is the comic book website with something for everyone, from noob to nerd, green to geek and everything in between


Also taken part in this Podcasting Palooza will be the grand daddies of the comic podcast scene – Comic Geek Speak. After  ten years in the saddle the CGS team are still saving the podcast comic book world one listener at a time. The truth is that there would be no Geek Syndicate without CGS paving the way so looking forward to the chance to hopefully share a little air time with out american cousins.


The gang of the Orbital Podcast, which is part of the fab Orbital Comics shop will also have a table in the podcast alley.

Uniquely for a comic shop, we present weekly reviews and commentary on The Orbiting Pod Podcast, which regularly features interviews with star creators and the movers and shakers of the world of comics.

The rumour is there may even be a Sidekickcast/GS crossover podcast happening at the table…stay tuned for the list of tie-ins you will need to pick to full enjoy this once in a lifetime podcast experience.

So I’ve been hitting the convention scene for many years now and at every con there are certain tables that I will always try and stop by. This week I thought I would give one these tables a mention each day so con goers, both new and old, can give them a look see. So take a take breath and say it loud and in heading two sized capitals.

Table of the Day – 2000AD (Location B12)

The reason I picked these guys as my first table of the day is  that the 2000AD table is always such dammed fun. Even if I my quota of 2000AD titles I will stop by their stall. The folks that staff the table are extremely knowledgable about their wares, very approachable and fun to talk to. Special props to Keith Richardson who just cracks me up every time I speak to him or I watch him interact with customers. Even when its near the end of day when thoughts turn to the pub and interests wane their enthusiasm never seems to dim.

One of the other good things about the table is whatever time of day you swing by you will usually find a few 2000AD creators hanging about and up for a chat.

Also they sell Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog which is more than enough reason to stop by.

2000ad table

LSCC Creator/Exhibitor Tweets!

7h7 hours ago– Any reviewers want a peek at ready for it’s launch this weekend?
15h15 hours ago – Soon our crew will be out, prepare for…
 · 9h9 hours ago – ANNOUNCEMENT TIME. I will be signing at on the Sunday, from 1-3pm at CS11-14!
12h12 hours ago – Well, me, and Stiffs are as ready for as we’re gonna be
19h19 hours ago  Cosplay for done I’m the best at what I do
GS Reporter: Nuge
Source: LSCC

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  1. Hiya, I’ll be at A73 in the artists alley promoting my comic’s Kickstarter, The Heart of Time: would be great to see you!

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