Countdown to London Super Comic Con 2015 – Part 4

Welcome to the last day of our countdown to the London Super Comic Con. By now there is little we can do to add to the excitement if you’re attending the show whether as guest, visitor or exhibitor but I’m going to give it my best British try.

On My God the Sky is Full of Panels!

Besides the myriad of exhibitors and guests trying to entice you with their wares no self respecting comic convention is complete without a panel or two. So today I thought I would highlight a few of the panels I’m looking forward to checking out. You can see a full list of all the panels and the panelists right here.

Saturday 13:30 – 14:30 Doctor Who Comics Panel

Imagine I’m now humming the Doctor Who theme…got that image? Good now we can begin.

Titan Comics have been doing great things on the Doctor Who franchise so if you are eager to find out what is to come, especially on the new upcoming Ninth Doctor comic series then check this panel out. With Doctor Who stuff up to win during the panel and a special Doctor Who Comics Poster for everyone who attends it sounds like a good way to spend your con time.

Hmm I had a time related Dr who joke then but now it’s gone…something about how many Time Lords does it take to screw in a Chameleon Circuit? …nope its gone.
Saturday 14:45 – 15:45  Jack Kirby: Return of the King

One of my main introductions to the world of comics was Marvel. I used to get my brother’s hand me down Marvel comics, which were a damn sight more interesting than his hand me down trousers or school books. Back then it was Kirby all the way (yes my brother was that old). This panel is going to be a must attend for me.

Saturday 13:30 -14:30 An Intro to Indie Comics

I have a huge amount of love for the Indie comics scene. In my humble opinion a lot of the ‘strides’ the big comic companies are now doing in terms of storylines, more all ages comics and diversity is old hat to the indie scene. I only have to look at my indie comic review pile to see the level of talent that is out there. It is great to see that a show which is by its own admission more focused on DC and Marvel is also giving a platform to indie comics and creators. If you’ve done a few tours of the tables and been swamped by all the indie stuff that is out there the maybe this panel will help give you a few pointers. If you’ve just a DC or Marvel fan then its worth going along to see what everybody else is up.

Saturday 16.00 – 18.00 London Super Costume Championship – Qualifying Skits
If costuming is your bag, as it is for Vix of the GS team, then I bet like her you will be checking out the London Super Costume Championships. I’m still new to all the ins and outs of cosplay so I may pop along to this for a look see.

Sunday 11.15 – 12-15 Daredevil: From Secondary Character to TV Star

Ok hands up if you’ve not seen the trailers for the new Daredevil show coming to Netflix? Well if not get yourself on the interweb and seek them out because the show is shaping up very nicely thank you.

In terms of the Daredevil comics I wouldn’t say I was a die hard fan or anything but I have certainly read my fair share over the years and have enjoyed some of the adventures of the man without fear. The panelists Klaus Janson, David Mack and Bill Sienkiewicz will be chatting about old red horns and his evolution from a silver age minor hitter to someone who has had his own film (I know some of you would like to ignore that fact) and now about to head up Marvel’s assault on Netflix.

See I did all over that and I didn’t even mention the Elektra film.

Sunday 12.30 -13.30 Comic Geek Speak: 10 Year Anniversary

We’ve already talked in earlier countdowns about our love of the Comic Geek Speak guys and judging from their ongoing success we are not alone in that love. This year sees the team hit 10 years suckling on the podcasting teat and they have their own panel to prove it. CGS hosts Pants, Bryan and Murd will be taken centre stage to chat about the long running show.

Worth going to this just to here Murd speak…no one speaks like Murd!

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