SFX WEEKENDER 3 COUNTDOWN: Day 1 – Memories of Weekenders Past

With less than a month to go to the third SFX Weekender I thought that, in tried and true Geek Syndicate convention coverage style, I would start-up a Countdown to the SFX Weekender 3 series of posts.

I’m not sure how often these will be going out but the goal will be to start ramping up the excitement and letting people know what goodies await them if they are attending the Weekender. To be honest though if you’ve been to the other two conventions then chances are you don’t need me to ramp anything up for you.

If you’re taking part, whether you doing a panel, selling merchandise or launching a new title etc then let us know and we will do our best to give it a mention as the countdown goes on.

Today seems a great day to start the countdown as this morning the SFX team announced they had sold out of weekend tickets.

This third year is going to be a record one for the SFX Weekender, the ultimate sci-fi and fantasy get-together. With a month still to go, the residential tickets have completely sold out!

That’s thousands of people filling the halls of Prestatyn Sands holiday park from Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 February, enjoying autograph sessions, actor Q&As, panel games, late night films, author discussions, music and more.

All is not lost if you still want to attend and maybe can find accommodation off-site as there are still day tickets available.

 If you can get yourself to North Wales and want to come in to visit the dealer room or watch movie screenings then call 08700 11 00 34 now or visit www.sfxweekender.com/tickets and select the day pass option.

This will be my third year of attending the convention and I can honestly say it’s one of the highlights of my geek calendar. Every year I come away with more fond memories and new friends than you can shake a wookie at (top tip…never ever shake a wookie). Yes it’s a Pontins and we all know that ‘five star accommodation’ doesn’t spring to mind but seriously anyone who’s been before will tell you that you spend very little time in your chalet.

The whole weekender has a kind of festival vibe to it and I was usually to be found checking out one of the many panels that was going on or just chilling out in one of the bars and having some fantastic geeky conversations with creators, exhibitors and attendees that seemed to go on for hours.

So for this first countdown, I decided to put together some of the many highlights from last two in no particular order:

1) Recording a podcast at 4:30 am after being out dancing and drinking all night – (apologies for the slurring during that episode…blame the whisky).

2) Watching the look on someone’s face as they grumbled ‘I really wish Steven Moffat was here so I can tell him exactly what I think of Dr Who’ to which I replied ‘Would you really well he’s just walked in would you like me to call him over?’

3) Seeing the level of dedication in terms of costumes at the Masquerade Ball. It’s not often I think ‘I really wish I’d come in fancy dress’ in fact I can only think of two times – the first and second Masqerade balls.

4) Vowing to go into training for SFX Weekender 3 after nearly being killed by overdancing at Craig Charles stint on the DJ decks at the Masquerade Ball.

5) Being scare sh*tless by a zombies when Dave and I were trying to have a quiet drink (I’ve packed my shotgun and axe for this year).


6) Learning the hard way at SFX Weekender 1 that in some Pontins they add sugar to their scrambled eggs and promising to the four winds I would forever more cook my own breakfast at the weekender.

7) Nearly burning the kitchen down at first breakfast attempt at SFX Weekender 2 (I blame the grill).

8) The legendary Blastermind Pub quiz from SFX Weekender 1 (gutted I didn’t get into it last year).

9) Joining with the Buffy Singalong at SFX Weekender 1.

10) The SFX Awards show at SFX Weekender 2…Now that’s how you do a geeky awards show!

Now these aren’t my top ten as such as there were so many other memories I could have chosen. If people what to have a listen to our last recording from the SFX Weekender 2 I’ve stuck that link below if you want to have a listen.

Direct Download: SFX Weekender 2

Right memories over with… Day two will be time for us to start looking forward to what we can expect from this years Weekender. See you then !

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: SFX Weekender

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  1. Ah, you’re bringing it all back to me. With a record number of Geek Syndicate attendees this year it’s going to add even more to the sense of being a bloody good Social as much as being a feast of geek delights. I cannot wait!

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