Court orders Bollywood producers to share screenplay with Fox Studios

The Bollywood Movie Knock Out which is due to be released in 3 days (October 15th) is facing serious legal troubles from Fox.

Knock Out is about a man that if held hostage in a phone booth but a man on the other end of the phone. He is then force to reveal dark secrets about his life…..

…..Wait a minute! I’ve seen that Movie i think it was called Phone Booth starring Colin Farrell.

Fox thinks that the Film is a Blatant Rip of their movie. So yesterday, the High Court ordered Sohail Maklai Entertainment Private Limited, producer of Knock Out, to give Fox Studios a copy of their screenplay and adjourned the case till Oct 13. Fox are going for an injunction to stop the studio from releasing the film.

Lessons to take away from this story are don’t F#?£ with Fox

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