Create Your Own Screenings With Ourscreen

Even someone who goes to the cinema regularly can often end up missing certain films, usually the ones that get bumped by the next mega-blockbuster deciding to take up three-quarters of the cinema screens. Or you might be someone who sees a film on the small screen and would one day like to see what it is like stretched across a wall-sized area rather than squinting at it on a home-sized TV. In both instances Vue’s  partnership with the Ourscreen platform might just be the solution.

Gradually rolling out across the UK and currently available in 19 cinemas, Ourscreen lets viewers choose from a range of over 400 films and then create a screening for their chosen film. When enough tickets have been sold to meet a threshold, the screening will happen. Screenings can be created in both private and public varieties, but if private, the number of expected viewers needs to be entered so that the ticket price can be calculated. A private screening can be just for a group of friends or party; a public one will be open to anyone that sees it advertised and wants to buy a ticket.

Sounds like a great way for film fans to partake in their favourite films, or discover ones they might have missed. Visit for more info and to browse the selection of films you can choose from.

GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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