Createrria – New iPad Creative Game

Ever wanted to make your own kind of Angry Birds level or have LittleBigPlanet to play on your iPad – Well there may just be something on the horizon that will offer both of these in one game.  Read on to find out more…


Created by Incuvo, this game gives you the chance to create your own games and play them within minutes on your iPad and by the looks of it lots of choice when it comes to creating your own character. Also if your like me and not too creative there is the ability to share and download other people’s creations so this should mean you’ll be playing it for a while.

At the moment the game has only been released on the App Store in Canada and Australia but they do say that more countries are coming in a few weeks – By clicking on this LINK you can see if it’s available within your area on iTunes.

If we can get our hands on a copy we will let you know what it’s like, in the meantime check out the release trailer below:

Source: CVG
Reporter: JMS1701

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  1. this is cool!!

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