Crocheted Doctor Who

With the 50th anniversary this year, it is no shock that we are getting more and more awesome Doctor Who products for us lucky fans to get their mits on. But that same fan base are also creating a lot of quality products to celebrate everyone’s favourite Time Lord.


A Whovian has decided to crotch stitch their own collection of Doctors as well as their TARDIS.  We have William Hartnell, The First Doctor:



Patrick Troughton, The Second Doctor


Jon Pertwee, The Third Doctor


Tom Baker, The Fourth Doctor


Peter Davison, The Fifth Doctor


Colin Baker, The Sixth Doctor


Sylvester McCoy, The Seventh Doctor


Paul McGann, The Eighth Doctor


Christopher Eccleston, The Ninth Doctor


David Tennant, The Tenth Doctor


Matt Smith, The Eleventh Doctor


And what would you do with the Doctor if you did not have his faithful TARDIS?


This is a brilliant labour of love that I am hoping will continue with the likes of The Daleks and The Cybermen.


Source: Geeks Are Sexy
Reporter: Luke Halsall

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  1. Alysa /

    Pattern? Please?!!!???? I must have these!!!

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