Cruise’s Need For Speed: Top Gun 2!

Maverick is back! Tom Cruise was at the Naval Air Station in Fallon, Nevada this past week for Top Gun 2 preparations.

Tom Cruise looks set to return to the role that arguably launched his career (if you don’t count Risky Business) in a Jerry Bruckheimer produced sequel to the 1986 movie smash that “took our breath away!”

Plot details are scant, but rumours are that the technology in the film will be updated to reflect modern-day computerised warfare techniques, e.g. unmanned drones, and that Cruise will be one of the last “old-school” pilots. It could well tackle the subject of civilian fatality mistakes made by human pilots – or contrast that machines can’t adapt like humans in an unplanned situation.

Let’s hope he doesn’t switch off his targeting computer when aiming at that thermal exhaust port…

GS Reporter: SilverFox

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