Cult Themed Comic Exhibition Announced by GHOSTS

Orbital Comics London is set to host the first exhibition from comic collective ‘GHOSTS’. The Cult themed comic exhibition will feature occult themes, runes, spells and sorcery. The exhibition is set to run for a week from 14th to the 20th April and will end with a large party which will feature live music, painting and a signing event featuring all of the artists of the collective. The signing event will be during the day of Saturday the 19th April and the party itself will start at 7pm.

The GHOST collective itself consists of 7 indie comic book creators: Nich Angell (7STRING), Jon Lock (Afterlife Inc), P M Buchan (La Belle Dame Sans Merci), Andrew Tunney (Girl and Boy), Mark Penman (Peabody and D’Gorath), James Lawrence (Dangerine) and Owen Michael Johnson (Raygun Roads).

Nich Angell :

As of the end of 2013, me and 6 other prominent indie comic book creators and artists decided to team up and form a comics collective, devoted to showcasing the very best that the UK smallpress scene had to offer. Under the name ‘GHOSTS’ we aim to bring a variety of different styles and talents together to demonstrate how varied and exciting comics and art can be, and to some extent represent the awesome indie scene that the UK has.

It sounds like it will be a great event for comic fans giving them the chance to meet some of the people who create the content they love. On a personal note, the theme of ‘Cult’ is my personal favourite when it comes to any medium too.

Source: Orbital Comics London

Reporter: Casey Douglass

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