Dan Slott Fights Back

This was brought to my attention today whilst looking around Bleeding Cool.

It seems some moron was unhappy with Mr Slott’s amazing work on Amazing Spider-man and went as far as to say

“It’s just and paycheck for Slott anyway. He’s not a real fan.”

As a huge fan of Dan Slott’s exceptional work, all the way from his excellent Spider-Man/Human Torch series and his exceptional work on Avengers: Initiative and Mighty Avengers, I am very aware of the absolute passion and love he has for the comics industry as a whole but especially his love of Spider-man.

By calling in to question Slott’s fan status “Lejayjay” has shown how ignorant he truly is! as anyone who has read interviews with Dan know the truth!

And Dan Slott isn’t one to sit back and take that kind of ignorance from anyone

Here is Dan’s Forum Post response (thanks to Bleedingcool for snagging it before it got deleted!)

Source: CBR Forums and Bleeding cool

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