Danie Ware talks about her debut novel Ecko Rising

Ecko Rising follows a savage, gleefully cynical anti-hero immersed in his own fantasy world. Ecko joins a misfit cast of characters and strives to conquer his deepest fears and save the world. Its sequel scheduled for publication next year, will appeal to those who love fantasy, classic or modern, those intrigued by new concepts, and those with a liking for twisted anti-heroes.

Look out for our full review soon but in the meantime here is our first thoughts on this incredible book and the author’s thoughts behind the cut:

This is an incredible read, with completely unexpected twists and turns.  The author leads you down numerous dead ends, with the reader constantly questioning if the book reflects reality, pseudo reality, virtual reality and the twists at the end completely took this reader by surprise.  Ecko reminds me of the ultimate little brother, rebelling against his family, society and the world, with a vendetta against those who govern, holding his grudge both in this reality and the next, and the reasons why he is who he is, an enigma that slides in and out of perception isn’t explained until the last few pages.

The worlds described within the book in are complete, understandable and you might want to live in at least one of them. The author’s diverse knowledge of subcultures within our society is evident and well used and with an ending that will leave you aching for more. Here is what Danie has to say about the book:

Now if that has not got you excited why not come down to Forbidden Planet London on Thursday 20th September at 6pm where Danie will be signing her book and chatting about the book. You can buy the book on September 28th.

Source: Titan Books
Reporter: Montoya
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