Dark Horse Comics Announce BIOSHOCK: Infinite Art Book

BIOSHOCK INFINITE art bookBioshock was a great game in many ways – it had a great story, interesting characters, atmosphere and a striking and unique 1950s Science Fiction art style.

The eagerly awaited (and delayed) Bioshock: Infinite takes gamers from beneath the surface of the ocean to a city above the clouds, and Dark Horse are releasing an Art of … book – this should be a must-buy for fans of stylistic art and video games alike. For the full press release, read on after the break.

September 12, MILWAUKEE, OR—Dark Horse Comics announces plans to publish a comprehensive art book for BioShock® Infinite!

BioShock® Infinite, developed by Irrational Games, won over 75 editorial awards at E3 2011, including the Game Critics Awards’ Best of Show.

In The Art of BioShock Infinite, delve deeper into the world of BioShock® Infinite and the city of Columbia—the fabled floating metropolis built by the US government in the late 1800s to serve as a floating world’s fair!

This deluxe hardcover features production designs and concept illustrations focusing on main characters Booker, Elizabeth, and Songbird from the highly anticipated BioShock® Infinite video game. See the evolution of the Heavy Hitters, the populace of Columbia, the Sky-Hook, Vigors, airships, and much more!

The Art of BioShock Infinite also features an introduction from BioShock® Infinite creative director Ken Levine.

Source: Dark Horse
Reporter: WedgeDoc

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