Dark Knight Rises…New Posters!

Friday July 20th will be the culmination of what seems like an eternity of waiting, full of expectation and excitement.  Chris Nolan’s final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, hits cinemas and I’ll be at the first available screening on IMAX to witness what I hope, no what I know, will be a worthy successor to the still near flawless The Dark Knight.
It’s odd then with this much natural enthusiasm and excitement that the latest promotional posters, banner and (shudder) iPhone cases have left me feeling a little flat.

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They are not bad, but when you look back at the groundbreaking promotional campaign of The Dark Knight (those fantastic Joker posters, the online viral marketing) they just seem a bit… meh!  There’s no feel of the guerrilla or the edge that other Dark Knight Rises marketing had, it’s all very polished, produced, studio…very, er, Batman Forever.

Now I know that marketing departments and filmmakers sit at two very different sides of creative process, and never the twain shall meet (see John Carter formally of Mars now of ‘lost a load of money due to a balls up marketing campaign’) but it’s the first time that the wind has been knocked out of my sails for a movie that up till now, didn’t have anything that could dampen my spirits.

Maybe it’s just me.  Maybe I’ve been given too much too soon, like a kid at Easter with piles of eggs. Anyway here they are above for you to make up for own mind on.  The film opens in Cinemas & IMAX on Friday July 20th 2012.

Reporter: Phil Hobden

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