Day of Chaos is Here!

dayofchaosThe first collected edition of a modern-day 2000AD classic hits the shelves on Valentine’s Day. It’s been a fantastic 12 months for 2000AD. The comic celebrated its 35th anniversary in style with Dredd 3D in cinemas, Progs appearing Apple’s Newstand for iOS devices and the Trifecta storyline winning all sorts of reader and critical acclaim.

I jumped back into Progs just after Day of Chaos finished but from what I’ve heard from fellow readers this storyline just about trumps all of the achievements above. I can’t wait to get my hands on this collected edition and see what I missed.

Revenge 30 years in the making, a deadly virus, an escaped serial killer, a tense election, dire predictions, a fanatical assassin – the first collection in the critically-acclaimed Judge Dredd epic, Day of Chaos, is here!

Named by as one of the top 15 best comics of 2012, Dredd co- creator John Wagner wowed 2000 AD readers with this year-long storyline in which he tore the world of the future lawman apart in an orgy of intrigue, death, and destruction.

Dredd’s actions 30 years ago in the Apocalypse War come back to haunt him as the Judges race against time to prevent a terrifying ‘day of chaos’, predicted by their psychic division, that will engulf the city. But where will the threat come from? And what form will it take? And will even Dredd himself succumb to the horrors that will be unleashed?

With stunning action-packed ensemble art from Ben Willsher, Staz Johnson, Colin MacNeil and Henry Flint, Day of Chaos: The Fourth Faction is the first collection of what is rightly acclaimed as one of the best Dredd stories of the past 35 years.

‘Things will never be the same again’ may be a cliché in comic books – but Day of Chaos delivers on the promise with repercussions that will go on for years!

Source: 2000AD
Reporter: Dave W

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