DayZ Developer Session and Live Interview at Rezzed

This year’s Rezzed will take place at the end of March ( Friday 28th to Sunday 30th March) in the NEC in Birmingham. The event focusses on independant PC and Console gaming and has been going from strength to strength since it’s inception in 2012.

This year, Dean Hall (aka Rocket) from Bohemia Interactive takes to the stage to discuss the DayZ standalone project. On the opening day of the event, Hall will present a developer session, which he says he has “something special” planned for. On the Saturday, Hall will be interviewed by the audience in a session that will be live-streamed by our friends at Eurogamer.

I’ve mentioned DayZ briefly on The Next Level podcast in its original, Arma 2 Mod form. The standalone has been a long time coming. An Alpha build is currently purchasable on Steam. I’m quite interested in seeing what the developer has to say as I enjoyed the mod version but there were issues I had with it. There have been rumblings that this issue will be addressed by the release version so it will be interesting to see what Hall has to say.

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More details are available at and you can also follow the event team on Twitter (@EGX_Rezzed) or on Facebook ( for regular updates.

Source: Rezzed Press Release
Reporter: WedgeDoc

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