DC Cancels ‘Justice League International’

‘Justice League International’ will bow out in August with issue 12 and an annual. The cancelation is the only one confirmed by DC Comics in its August solicitations posted on its blog The Source.

The news comes as a surprise as ‘Justice League International’ was recently announced to be gifted with an annual alongside ‘Detective Comics’, ‘Superman’, ‘The Flash’, and ‘Green Lantern’.

‘Justice League International’, written by Dan Jurgens with art by Aaron Lopresti, is now the seventh cancellation since DC Comics overhauled its entire comic book line into the “New 52”. The previous six cancellations occurred in January with ‘Men of War’, ‘O.M.A.C.’, ‘Mister Terrific’, ‘Hawk and Dove’, ‘Blackhawks’, and ‘Static Shock’ getting axed. These were immediately replaced with DC’s “Second Wave” of titles that were released this month which included the China Miéville penned ‘Dial H for Hero’, ‘Earth 2’ and four others. The “New 52” is now one short, and there has yet to be an announcement to replace ‘Justice League International’ unlike the cancellations made in January.

‘Justice League International’ issue 12 will include the funeral for Rocket Red and team resignations, according to the August listings. The annual will be written by Geoff Johns and Dan Didio with art by Jason Fabok.

DC Comics has not made an official statement regarding the cancellation. In distributer Diamond Comics’ April Sales Estimates, ‘Justice League International’ – while not performing spectacularly – was far from the worst performing of DC’s “New 52” line with titles like ‘Green Arrow’, ‘Stormwatch’, and ‘Superboy’ being worse sellers for the company that month.

Source: DC Comics
Reporter: Dean

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