DC Comics launches new weekly series…online

Although DC can’t work our it’s trade policy, it has been trying it’s hand at some interesting  ideas.  It all started when DC announced it’s first weekly series since the ill fated Action Comics anthology many years ago.  That series ’52’ was an umitigated success and was followed by the not quite so succesful weekly series – Countdown.  The latest experiment was the fantastic oversized Wednesday Comics.

This week DC has announced 2 bi-weekly series, Justice League:Generation Lost and Brightest Day.  Not content with that they have now announced the launch of a new weekly series, DC Universe: Legends.  Legends is set within the world of DC Universe Online (as if there wasn’t enough to keep up with).

DC Universe online is being developed with Sony Online Entertainment and is a massively multiplayer online action-RPG that focuses on putting players in the shoes of rookie heroes and villains, fighting alongside DC icons like Batman, Superman and the Joker. In an attempt to bridge comic book and gaming audiences, DC is working with SOE to construct a series that not only tells a core story but connects with gamers, giving them hints, strategies and even a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the making of the game.

Some may see this as an wonderful journey towards true fan interactivity with a beloved pantheon while others would probably just like then to get on and finish the game which does seem to have been in devleopment for quite some time now.

DC’s Executive Editor Dan Didio also announced that Tony Bedard and Dan Jurgens will write Legends.  Other creators will be named later.

So…who’s in?

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  1. For me, it depends on if DC Online is an obsession for me or not. I’m not one for the extended experience that entertainment provides. Like when Heroes or Lost have their extra internet content.

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