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DC Comics has this week announced that Scott Snyder’s “Batman” and Tony Daniel’s “Detective Comics” are going to increase in price by $1 each. Rising from $2.99 (£1.94) to $3.99 (£2.59). This brings them in line with “Justice League”, “Action Comics”, “Men of War” and “All-Star Western”.

However it is not all bad news as the titles will be getting an 8 page bump from 32 pages to 40 pages, which does go some way to soften the blow. These extra 8 pages will apparently take on the form of back up stories. DC returned the majority of its comics to $2.99 in January last year following the unpopular price increase to $3.99 most of their titles. The company did this stating they would be holding the line at $2.99.

So 8 more pages for an extra $1 doesn’t sound too bad. However when you do the math it’s not really a good deal. A 32 page comic at $2.99 works out at 9.34 cents per page where as a 40 page comic at $3.99 works out as a higher 9.97 cents a page. This is an increase of almost 7%.

What about the people who want to read Batman and Detective Comics but have no interest in these new back up stories? They are going to end up paying more for content they do not want.

Also announced is a new digital and print combo packs for Detective Comics and Green LanternGreen Lantern‘s will cost $3.99, Detective Comics’ will be $4.99 (£3.23) and the current Batmancombo pack will rise in price to $4.99. So for $1 more you can have a digital copy of a book you just paid for.

Personally I am against any raise in comic prices as like many others I cannot afford all the books I want at the current price. However, DC might surprise us all and the 8 page backups will be worth every penny and everyone will be happy. At the end of the day the comic fans will vote with their wallets.

What is your opinion? Do you read Detective and Batman? Will you continue to read it at the higher price? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Digital Spy

GS Reporter: Matt Pease

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  1. Pytyr /

    I’m disappointed of course but not surprised given the price points of Action and JL. At least we’re getting additional material. The days of comics being a cheap hobby are long behind us sadly…

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