DC Dispatches EXTRA: Batman vs Superman & Gotham

Whether it’s Warner Bros, The CW or the DC stable themselves, here are the world-wide mutterings!

EXTRA: couldn’t hold back on this – a first look at Batfleck & a new featurette on the upcoming origin series, Gotham!

Batman vs. Superman: director Zack Snyder just tweeted the first sneak-peek glimpse of Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight, along with the new Batmobile, which he teased yesterday. Judging from the tail-fin we saw yesterday, the car looks like it is in the Tim Burton vein, and the smaller ears remind me of… Adam West??? Well, at least there’s no nipples…


Gotham: The Gotham showrunners discuss Scarecrow, The Joker and the young Bruce Wayne in the new featurette…

Sources: Twitter, The InterWeb

GS Reporter: SilverFox

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