DC Dispatches: The Flash, Arrow, Gotham & Suicide Squad

Whether it’s Warner Bros, The CW or the DC stable themselves, here are the world-wide mutterings!

This week: Arrow finds a villain Down Under, Flash gets more flashbacks, more clips for Gotham, and a movie for the Suicide Squad!

Suicide Squad: one of the long-standing rumours on the interweb, is that Warner Bros are going to release a Suicide Squad movie. and fueling that is the news that they have lined up for a director. Rumour has it that David Ayer is the studio’s choice to make what could be an action-packed, potentially R-rated movie – particularly apt seeing as Marvel have confirmed their Deadpool movie will be R-rated. DC’s Suicide Squad has been around since the late 50’s, and although it could well be argued that they don’t have the gravitas of the Sinister Six (who are also getting their own movie courtesy of Sony Picture), they have a strong following with a line-up that includes the likes of Deadshot, Enchantress, Blockbuster, Count Vertigo, Bronze Tiger and the one & only iconic Harley Quinn… Now quite how this will fit in with the current TV presence is anyone’s guess, but given that we have a cinematic Green Arrow & Flash to look forward to… so who cares, right?

Arrow: Arrow Season 3 continues its bromance with CW stable-mate The Flash by taking another one of his villains, in this case, one of the more ridiculous criminals: Australian George ‘Digger’ Harkness, AKA “Captain Boomerang”. The Captain’s powers extend to controlling flying objects, and in the comics he is a core member of the Suicide Squad –  in the show, Harkness will be played by Spartacus star Nick Tarabay. He will debut in Arrow Season 3 Episode 7, and will crossover with The Flash series.

The Flash: So, original Barry Allen, John Wesley Shipp is to be joined in the CW’s The Flash by another star of the 1990 CBS show – Amanda Pays, who played geneticist and love interest Dr Tina McGee, will actually reprise her original role, only this time she is an employee of STAR Labs’ major rival.

There are also some new clips out to promote the show:

Gotham: there are simply gazillions of features & clips doing the rounds as the show premiered this week in the US:

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