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This week: Harley Quinn in Arrow, and a flashback for The Flash!

Arrow: Well, in case you missed this first time around, this little picture was dropped on us this week:


It’s a first full look at the Harley Quinn cameo in earlier in Arrow Season 2, Episode 16 ‘Suicide Squad’, a sneak-in from the Batman universe. Producer Marc Guggenheim touched on that blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo from the Joker’s gal, Harley Quinn, locked up with the rest of the Suicide Squad deep inside A.R.G.U.S. It is a quick clip, and see the little blonde complaining about being a therapist in her cell. And to add the weight of lore, she was was played by Batman: Arkham videogame voice actor Tara Strong, who brings Harley to life in the game. Guggenheim’s explains how surprised he was that fans latched onto the easter egg so quickly: “For one thing, we didn’t expect it to end up in the promo, so we were caught a little off guard, on that front.  Andrew was very much like, ‘I totally knew people would lose their minds.’  And I was like, ‘Really?!’ I did not expect people to lose their minds the way they did, but I was very glad.  So, Andrew was a lot more prepared than I was… I want to manage expectations with respect to Harley Quinn.  She was always intended to be an Easter egg.  I don’t want people to go in with incorrect expectations and walk away from Episode 16 disappointed.  But there is an element to the Easter egg that was not spoiled by the promo, that I think people will find a lot of fun.” Certainly a sobering reminder that Arrow can pretty much call on any DC character not being feature in the upcoming Dawn of Justice movie (although that list is getting shorter by the day!)

The Flash: original 1990 Flash TV star John Wesley Shipp is to get a role in The CW’s all-new The Flash show. The Arrow spin-off’s showrunner Greg Berlanti said in a statement, “Given his history with The Flash, [executive producers] Andrew [Kreisberg], Geoff [Johns] and I could only think of one person we wanted to play Barry’s father, and that was John Wesley Shipp. He gives a fantastic and emotional performance in the pilot, and we are looking forward to his presence in many more episodes. Also, personally, it was just wonderful to work with him again since my days at Dawson’s Creek. He’s a great actor and a great guy.”

And here’s a reminder of him in the original show:


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GS Reporter: SilverFox

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