DC Unveils New Black Superman

DC Comics showcase a alternate Earth Superman that is black but will it work?

We have had old, young, English, Russian and now we are set to see our first black Superman but is this stunt casting or a real attempt at a fresh take on the man of steel.

So will it work or will it just be a cash in to see if people like this take on Kal El. Recently we got a new Ultimate Spider-man who is half-black and half-Hispanic and the fan reaction there was mixed at best with some saying why was he not gay as well. I guess we will wait and see what the character is like but sometimes you get the feeling that people are running out of ideas.

With ACTION COMICS #9, two acclaimed guest artists will explore an alternate Earth and the story of its Kryptonian protector. Multiple Eisner Award-winning artist Gene Ha will be a guest artist for the primary plot, penned by regular series writer Grant Morrison. And fresh from his recent work on THE SHADE miniseries, artist Cully Hamner will illustrate the issue’s back-up story, written by Sholly Fisch.

Parallel worlds come to the forefront of DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 “Second Wave,” with titles such as EARTH 2 and WORLDS’ FINEST exploring the adventures of heroes on alternate Earths. ACTION COMICS #9 sets up the multiverse with a standalone story of a Superman from another Earth, who must fight a monster from yet another parallel world. But this isn’t just any monster; it’s a Superman surrogate known as Superdoom, twisted into an unstoppable agent of evil.

The back-up story will also feature an adventure of this alternate Superman, set on his parallel Earth.

GS Reporter: Montoya

SOURCE: The Source, Digital Spy

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  1. Spike1138 /

    Is that the “Sunshine” Superman from Animal Man and Final Crisis..?

  2. Does Steel count? I think he’s the only one of the “ten thousand Supermen following the not-really-the-Death-of-Superman” that actually stuck around as a long-term character.

  3. Looks awesome to me! It would be even better if he is gay!

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