DC’s ‘Infinite Crisis’ Becomes a MOBA Game Trailer

From the DC event that debuted in the mid 2000s, we get a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game (a MOBA).




MOBAs, like League of Legends, SMITE, or Defense of the Ancients, focus more on combat than story, but Warner Bros. promises to bring story events into this established genre.

Currently, the game has 12 “champions,” but with the multiverse as inspiration, the number of characters they could create for the game is, well, not infinite, but still staggering. We know that the heavy hitters of the DC Universe at least have to make an appearance.

These are the first 12:



Green Lantern

Nightmare Batman

Gaslight Joker



Poison Ivy

Gaslight Catwoman

The Joker

Gaslight Batman

Wonder Woman


Source: EGM Now
Reporter: VichusSmith

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