Dead Snow Review

A proper piece of Zombie-Com exploitation cinema. Note to Mr Tarrantino this is how to bang out a cracking little film that does exactly what it says on the tin with very little fuss or padding.

The Nazi Zombies may be a little nippy for some but the staging and way the films plays with slasher/zombie tropes adds to the enjoyment. This crew know there stuff and in many ways I was reminded of early Peter Jackson work.

I don’t speak Norwegian but the subtitles appeared well done with no of handscratching translations that can result from some (yes Manga I am looking at you.)

If I was looking to poke holes the first twenty minutes might be slow establishing fairly weak characterisation. Then again if your a fan of this type of film you know what to expect. I think it would be unrealistic to expect every movie to do as good a job as say Descent in establishing characters pre-mayhem. At least there is a semblance of personality given to the potential victims. They’re not just hunks of meat unlike so many slasher/torture porn flicks.

A beautiful setting, snowmobiles, an old MG42 (or is it a MG34?), innovative use of domestic tools and the game twister. There’s a lot to love in the film.
I strongly recommend it.

GS Reporter: Andrew

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