‘Defiance’ Game to be Released Before SyFy Show

The first part of the transmedia project Defiance has finally gotten a release date. The Defiance MMORPG will launch worldwide on consoles and PC before the Defiance TV series debuts on April 15th. With the announcement comes a much longer live action trailer for the game.

Whether the characters in this trailer show up in the game or not hasn’t been revealed by SyFy. Odds are that they’re simply a representation of the class choices in the game. These characters are called Ark Hunters. Ark Hunters chase Arks, which are filled with valuable alien technology. They can either be humans or aliens (the Irathient). So Arkfall is a big event that, as you can see, Ark Hunters would die for.

Defiance launches on April 2nd.

Source: Defiance Official Site
Reporter: VichusSmith

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