Demons Aplenty in Kirkman and Azaceta’s Outcast

Robert Kirkman, known for creating The Walking Dead, has teamed up with Paul Azaceta to bring us something less-shambly and more possessy in their new comic series Outcast. Sorry, I know it’s painful when words are tortured like that. Demons though!

Outcast introduces Kyle Barnes, his tragic past, and his unusual gift. Kirkman and Azaceta zero-in on dark forces in this all-new suspenseful series. Since he was a child, Kyle has witnessed his loved ones become possessed by demons, and it has caused his life to fall apart. He wants to be believed. And he wants answers. But when he goes searching for them, what he uncovers just might bring about the end of the world.

Volume One (which collects #1-6 in one book) is due out 28th January in comic stores and 11th February in bookstores. While you are waiting, take a sneaky peep at the preview below:


Outcast Preview

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