Derek Luke is in Captain America: The First Avenger?

Today a description of a Captain America movie poster started circulating. The poster is set to be released on Friday. In this description it is said that Derek Luke’s (Friday Night Lights, Notorious) name appears on the poster. What is unclear is what character he is playing! doesn’t even have him listed in the movie and this is the first we’ve heard about his involvement.

The speculation around the internet has been going wild and four characters have appeared out of the tubes as possibilities. Read on for the break down! 

1. Isaiah Bradley, The FIRST and secret Captain America. in the story Captain America: Truth it is revealed that Isaiah Bradley was a member of a group of African American soldiers that the US Army experimented on in the process of creating the Super Soldier Serum. The only man to survive the experiments AND get the improvement that Steve Rogers will later receive was Isaiah. In the story he steals the prototype uniform and shield and goes to war to save the day!

Chances that this is the character Derek is playing…..Pretty Slim! I find it hard to believe that Marvel would touch upon this story in their Cap movie, but maybe Isaiah Bradley will be a brief cameo as a nod to the fans and the history.

2. Sam Wilson (aka The Falcon), The Falcon is Steve Rogers long time friend and sometimes Sidekick Partner in crime fighting. As his name suggest he has wings and he flies around beating up neo Nazis!

Chances that Derek is playing Sam Wilson….. really really really slim. Sam wasn’t introduced until after Cap is unfrozen in the present day and since this movie is set during the war there isn’t a place for him.

3. Gabe Jones, A member of the Howling Commandos (the team that worked with Cap during the war). He has a trumpet and a machine gun!

Chances of Derek playing this guy…… Pretty good actually! We already know that Dum Dum Dugan is in the film so why not some of the other Howling Commandos.

Now for my Fanboy pick!

4. Nick Fury, as all marvel fans know Nick Fury is older then he looks! He fought alongside Cap in the war as the leader of the Howling Commandos. Derek could play Sgt Fury who is destined to become Nick Fury Director of SHIELD played by Sam Jackson in Iron man 1 and 2 (where it was mentioned he worked with Tony’s Dad meaning he could be older then her appears). This could set up some great plot points in the Avengers movie when Cap would be reunited with his former soldiers in arms!

Chances of Derek playing Fury….. WHO CARES! I want this to happen! This is a Hail Mary!

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