Destiny Debuts a Live Action Trailer and Fragrance

I thought that Destiny would rest on the positive buzz from its beta test, but developer Bungie has more to share with us. First up: Microsoft UK. Destiny now has a Fragrance! If you’re looking to purchase this intriguing scent, it doesn’t actually exist. Head over to the Destiny Fragrance site, and you will see the reason behind the gimmick.


Destiny Fragrance

Then we have something silly, Hollwood-esque, and awesome. Destiny’s latest trailer is a live action representation of three Guardian classes at work.

A very funny, big budget action flick take on Destiny, which is a lot more lighthearted than the “save the world, chosen one” story we have been given, previously. There are cheesy one-liners, armor with bunnies on it, and all of these little touches that take the hard edge and grit off of Bungie’s new sci-fi shooter. Plus, listen to that “classical” music! Just as good as listening to Bach. Destiny comes to the US, UK, AU (get where this is going?) this Tuesday, on Xbox 360/Xbox One and PS3/PS4. Sorry, there are still no talks about a PC version.


GS Blogger: Vichus Smith

Source: EGM

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