Deus Ex: The Fall Has Unexpected iOS Piracy Counter-Measure

Square Enix use an interesting tactic in an attempt to stop piracy of their latest game Deus Ex: The Fall – Read on to find out more…

So Deus Ex: The Fall came out yesterday on iOS (review coming) and it appears from Reddit that on day one an interesting piracy counter-measure has been discovered.  As you can see from the picture below if you have ‘jailbroken’ your device you will not be able to fire weapons in the game.


It’s an interesting move from Square Enix as it isn’t actually illegal to do this to your device here in the UK or in the US (in fact in the US they actually changed the copyright laws in 2010 to make it legal) – ‘jailbreaking’ your device doesn’t mean that you are illegally obtaining your games either as you are still able to purchase legitimately from App store.

So how long before we see the first non shooting completion of the game?

Source: CVG, Reddit
Reporter: JMS1701


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  1. Correction: the U.S. did not change their copyright laws to make jailbreaking legal. Jailbreaking was never illegal. The U.S. Copyright Office and the Federal Courts have merely clarified the issue by definitively stating that jailbreaking a device is not illegal and exempt from the DMCA. The Electronic Freedom Foundation requested that Federal Regulators specifically state that the practice was legal because the DMCA did not specifically address it at the time it was passed in 1998, but the practice is completely within the spirit of the the exemptions that are normally applied as the DMCA was meant to stop Internet piracy, not consumers’ access and ability to use their own devices as they see fit. The reason a definitive statement was necessary was that because Apple claimed that jailbreaking was illegal and and although they hadn’t sued anyone at that point, they made it very clear that they could and would use the DMCA as its legal justification if they wanted to, ergo, putting 9 million jailbreakers (y’know… Apple’s customers) at risk of being targets of lawsuits over copyright infringement. Ultimately any such suits would fail but not before they would cause financial hardship on the consumer which is why the EFF asked the Copyright Office for the exemption.

    Simply put, jailbreaking in the U.S. was never illegal, it just wasn’t definitely allowed until 2010, but the laws weren’t changed. They were clarifies to prevent Apple from attacking its customers.


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