Deus Ex: The Fall – Patch released

Patch now released for Deus Ex: The Fall to allow ‘jailbroken’ iOS devises to shoot again, along with some other gameplay improvements.

We reported last week that Deus Ex had an unexpected iOS piracy counter-measure implemented into the game, this was followed up by an announcement a couple of days ago by the publisher Square Enix that a patch would be issued to allow players using ‘jailbroken’ devices to fire weapons.

Well good news, the developer Eidos has now deployed a patch that will correct this. There are also some gameplay improvements that are also included, as detailed below:

  • Restriction on weapon firing which affected jailbroken devices have been removed
  • Increased XP rewards for completing objectives
  • Increased the amount of credits gained as rewards, across the game
  • Improved enemy AI reaction and combat behaviour
  • Reduced some weapon costs (including high-end Plasma Rifles and Rocket Launchers)
  • Increased accuracy of Shotguns for better mid-range effectiveness
  • Improved damage and accuracy stats for the Combat Rifle

Now everyone can get back to playing the game as it should be and start shooting those bad guys in this pretty looking game.

Source: CVG
Reporter: JMS1701

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