Did The BBC Steal Davros?

Steven Clark, is claiming he invented Davros for a competition run by TV Action magazine almost 40 years ago in 1972. readers were tasked with creating a Dr Who villain, and Steven claims he sent in a drawing of his Creation “Davros” along with a handwritten essay called The Genesis Of The Daleks: The Creation Of Davros.

Steven didn’t hear anything back from the magazine or the Judges who included Dr Who’s Jon Pertwee, script editor Terrance Dicks and the producer Barry Letts. however a few short years later the BBC ran a episode of the show that has now become a classic! “The Genesis of the Daleks”. The episode didn’t bare any resemblance to Stevens Essay but it did include Davros and other characters he is claiming he created!

Mr Clark is Suing the BBC and BBC World Wide for Compensation and credit for the creation! He stands to receive ten of thousands of punds if his claim is successful!

Mr Clark, who is currently on the sick from work stated:

‘The money aspect of it is not my primary motivation. I am proud of the character I created and I just want my work to be recognised. It would be nice to be finally linked to the character after all this time.’

The BBC has yet to offer any comment except to acknowledge they are aware of the claims.

I’m not sure what to think of this, If what Mr Clark says is 100% true then he is certainly entitled to recognition and compensation. however i find it hard to believe he has waited nearly 40 years to make his claim known! also lets not forget that the BBC isn’t short of cash so the chances of them just paying this guy off to keep him quiet is pretty high.

Source: Daily Mail

GS Reporter: Matt

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  1. I note that he is on sick leave at present which reinforces my option that this guy is a total crackpot! As well as the design and the name he also claims the BBC ripped off the title of a story he included with his competition entry – namely ‘Genesis of the Daleks’. I can tell you the entry form, printed in the comic, simply had a space to draw a monster and give its name there was nothing about including a storyline. I can say this with some authority as I entered the same competition and although I didn’t win I was one of the runner ups, presumably Steven Clark was and remains a bitter loser! Please don’t be so gullible as to buy into this tosh!

  2. It says he wrote an essay to go with his entry, so the layout of the entry form has nothing to do with the truth or otherwise of his claims.

    As for the wait, apparently he lost the drawing and it only just resurfaced.

    Although I did hear that he made a similar claim years back, so who knows…?

  3. How is an old drawing any kind of evidence? No entries were returned to the senders so it means nothing.

    • i agree! it’s very flimsy. cases like these are very difficult! so much time as past and most of the people who worked on this competition are ether retired or dead!

  4. I entered the TV Action ( + Countdown ) competition and although I didn’t win I was one of the twenty five runner ups and received a transistor radio as a prize.

    The entry form, printed in the comic, simply had a space to draw a monster and give its name there was nothing about including a essay or storyline.

    No entries were returned to the senders so his ‘old’ drawing means nothing.

    He must be a total crackpot if he thinks the BBC are gullible enough to believe this tosh and its also quite insulting to the actual creators and their families.

  5. Taking a look at the so-called picture from the 1970s, there are a couple of things here – the davros design in the drawing isn’t actually the original design from Genesis of the Daleks at all – it looks more like the Colin Baker Davros story from the 1980s – note the microphone around Davros’s head and the slopey control panel – both later additions.

    So this guy is trying to say that Terry Nation was stuck for an idea for a Dalek story one day in the 1970s and decided to steal something written by a child for a competition in a comic. Then, a few months later when Genesis of the Daleks was in production he also told the original designer of Davros to steal the childs drawing and use it as a basis for his design sketches. Then, 10 years later, someone at the BBC decided to steal the idea again to almost exactly replicate what the child supposedly drew fifteen years earlier.

    Doesn’t sound very likely to me, I’m afraid.

    • I don’t know that this guy is making any specific claims about what Terry Nation, or other people, did. Indeed, I don’t see how he could know what they did, so putting words in his mouth is a bit of a “straw man” argument (however, I agree with you that the details of the design could potentially clinch the case against).

      To be fair, it’s *possible* that someone saw the kid’s drawing and remembered it subconsciously (either Terry Nation, or someone who later gave him the idea). It’s also possible that someone saw it and liked it but then lost the original, and therefore didn’t know who had sent it in, but decided to use it anyway (after all, the BBC used to be quite good at losing stuff…)

      I’m not saying that any of this is likely, just that it’s possible.


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