Over 100 Digital Marvel Collections on ComiXology

ComiXology are pretty much the undisputed champions of digital comics, they are leading the way in this relatively new comic world of digital distribution. They have one of the biggest libraries of comics available to date.

This week they have reached a massive milestone as they currently have available for purchase a staggering 100 Marvel Collections. A collection is the same as a trade paper back in printed comics, which is a collection of single issues printed in one book. A digital trade paperback if you will….

The collections that are available cover most of the major Marvel Event from the last 15 years and most of the major character moments in Marvels most popular on going series. They also have a range of non-superhero collection like the Wizard of Oz adaptions which are definitely worth a read. This is great news for those of us that would like to delve into the rich history of our favorite  characters but don’t want to fill our house up with lots of back issues and trades. 

For example if you want to read Ultimate Spider-Man from the beginning you can grab the first “Trade”, Which includes the first 7 issues for $11.99 (£7.69) That’s cheaper then getting it from a store or even getting it from Amazon with the added bonus that you get it immediately and don’t have to wait for delivery.

The range of collections available is building every week and not just for Marvel! most of the other publishers also have collection on ComiXology. This is the future of comics and personally i can’t wait for what Comixology and the Publishers come up with next.

Source: ComiXology

GS Reporter: Matt Pease

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