Direct Blinds Launches Spaceship Inspired Blinds

blind-enterpriseTo celebrate the upcoming release of Star Trek into Darkness the team over at Direct Blinds have come up with a slick collection of some of the best known and beloved spaceships out there.

You can choose from the following.

·         Slave I (Star Wars)

·         TARDIS (Doctor Who)

·         Viper (Battlestar Galactica)

·         Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)

·         Klingon Bird of Prey (Star Trek)

·         USS Enterprise (Star Trek)

“We’re all very excited about the forthcoming adventures of Kirk and Co in Star Trek Into Darkness, and we wanted to mark the occasion with a special treat for all the science fiction fans out there,” said Nick Swift, joint managing director, from Direct Blinds.

“These fantastic designs are inspired by the spaceships that have taken us all around the universe – and now you can enjoy them every day in the comfort of your own home!”

Seeing as I’ve just moved house in the last few weeks I’m constantly on the look out for cool, geek inspired furniture and accessories. This new range of spaceship inspired blinds definitely makes the grade I reckon in the cool stakes. Prices start from £99 and the blinds are available in a variety of colours.

I would love to see this idea extended to comics maybe a range of panels with designs from well known and maybe not so well known comic artists.






Reporter: Nuge

Source: Direct Blinds

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  1. wow it’s a great idea,blinds with spaceships. I’m sure a lot of kids will appreciate having their own Millennium Falcon on the window blinds 🙂

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