Direct Blinds Provides Geeky Way to Cut Glare


My geek room has it blinds down constantly, mainly so that there is no glare on the TV when we are playing computer games and also so all our cherished figures don’t fade in the constant sunlight that the room seems to get.  The trouble with these blinds is that they are pretty dull and really I look at them and think I could put some good  artwork there if it wasn’t a window.

Now Direct Blinds are jumping on the geek market, creating images of classic computer game characters  out of classic games consoles and controllers.

I really love these blinds and I imagine these would be great for teenagers rooms as well as geek rooms across the country.

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GS Source: Direct Blinds

GS Reporter: Amy


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  1. DO WANT!!!

    • littlewitchuk /

      To be honest I checked but they wouldn’t do them the right size for the geek room window 🙁 *Sulk*

      • Aww, bummer 🙁 I’m surprised they don’t do custom. Well, time to get creative I guess 😀

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