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Title : Disaster Movie

What’s it about: Over the course of one evening, an unsuspecting group of twenty-somethings find themselves bombarded by a series of natural disasters and catastrophic events.
Review it:

Lets start with something good about this film, shall we? Its got an honest title. Seriously, unless Scouting for Girls next album is called “Bland Repetitive Crap” or Jordan’s next book is called “Ghost written cash-in for morons” then I doubt you will ever find anything more suitably titled than this movie.

Its just AWFUL.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not above enjoying a good dumb movie if its funny. But these run of films (Epic MovieMeet the Spartans, Superhero movie etc) have had less return with each successive release. The first few were rubbish, but had a few guilty laughs in them… this one is just rubbish. I didnt laugh once during the entire film and instead had that awkward feeling you get when someone you know does kareoke badly. You just want it over as quickly as possible to save them any more embarrasment.

And the worst thing about this film, it that its been made purely for the poster. They were obviously given a checklist of “topical” targets they wanted to show in the adverts then these were dropped in the film with no concern as to whether they had any good jokes to go with it.
For example – Iron Man. He’s on the poster. He was in the trailer. His entire part in the movie is this…
He turns up with a tornado in the background, someone shouts “LOOK, IT’S IRON MAN” as they do whenever anyone from another film turns up, he says something about saving the day… and a cow falls on him. The end.
Then Hulk turns up. Someone shouts “ITS THE HULK” and a cow falls on him.
Not funny, not clever, but at least you cant complain they weren’t in the film when they were in the trailer.
All the way through, characters from other films and celebrities turn up, have their name shouted out… then dont really do anything. Theres no funny payoff to any of the cameos and its feels more like a checklist is being filled than anything else.

So was there ANYTHING good about this? Welllll… I did like that even though the Sex in the City bit was unfunny, they had a big man as Sarah Jessica Parker. And Nicole Parker as the princess from Enchanted did the best with the awful script she had and almost saved a few scenes. Almost.

Rate it:

So Stars – 1 (for Ms Parker)
Slaps – Is 5 the most we can do? Then 5

GS Reviewer: Bluemeanie

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  1. The only one of these movies I’ve seen was superhero movie. Which sucked mule. Hard. And then ate the resulting mess.

    The odd thing was – as a movie it was shite, but if you take individual “gags” indipendantly they are vaguely amusing. I did this while scanning through for the Pam Anderson invisible girl bit to show a friend. We both chuckled at some. But I didn’t do so even out of embarassment during my viewing of the film proper.

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