Disney Begins Work on ‘Indiana Jones’ Style Adventure Film set in Hawaii

Disney hires a writer to tackle an Indiana Jones style script set in Hawaii.

There’s not much more news on this other than the writer is Joe Gazzam and the story will revolve around a mystical gauntlet which comes from Polynesian mythology. Hmm I wonder if we can get the cast of Hawaii Five 0 to guest star? pretty please Disney?

So to recap we now have three adventure projects on the go. As well as this latest one from Disney we have the $30 million Allan Quatermain TV eerie from Sonar and Ecosse s and the Reboot of the Mummy franchise. I really hope at least one of these projects (either the Hawaii one or Allan Quatermain) makes to our screens.

There seems to a little trend forming here in regards to all things adventure and I hope it continues.

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