Disney to release Lion King, Beauty and the Best and more in 3D Blu-Ray

The famous ballroom dance sequence.

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Fans of the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast will be pleased to know that Disney is releasing these classics on Blu-Ray sometime in the future. As a fan of the Lion King that’s some cool news but what I’m far less interested in is the fact that they are releasing the films in 3D with the 2D versions as part of the package.

This is part of a deal in which Disney will be releasing at least 15 films on Blu-Ray in 3D.

Again, without sounding like a broken record, I’ve got no problem with 3D. I loved watching both Avatar and Tron: Legacy in 3D but there’s a difference between making a film for 3D and just sticking a film made years ago through a 3D conversion process just so you can say ‘wow look everyone it’s IN 3D’.

The good thing is that the 2s versions are included so at least fans will have a choice but I’ll be interested to see if that choice is reflected in the retail price.

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