District 9 Fans Might Just Get District 10 in Next Few Years

Back in 2009 I was unsure about this film by newcomer Neill Blomkamp but also saw that Peter Jackson was producing so I gave it a go. What I got was a pure love for the genre and left wanting more. Now we have hope that it might just happen.

Neill Blomkamp has said over the past few years that he was unsure if it could happen and the director has been very busy with Elysium out this year and Chappie out next year.

Recently in an interview with Wired he confirmed that he has now finished a 18 page outline for District 10 and that he has a gerat idea for the story. This is great news but also a hard act to follow because the first film had a great hook with the hand-held process then switch to real film as well.

I hope he gets to make District 10 and soon otherwise he will get caught up on another big blockbuster. Now check out the original trailer to remember just how good this movie was.

Source: Indiewire
Reporter: Montoya

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