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It’s a rare cartoon which my whole family – geeky dad, beautiful mum, older sister and  two cheeky boys – enjoys.  Over the years only Batman:Brave and Bold and Samurai Jack have achieved this feat, with each of us excited to gather around the TV and watch the latest episode. Last year the list grew, as another cartoon had us mesmerised – Tom Taylor and James Brouwer’s The Deep.  The show had a great blend of action, humour and fun family dynamics (not to mention it was educational – don’t tell the boys !). Quite quickly the Nektons became our second favourite family and we eagerly followed their search for Lemuria !

Now, on August 22 in Australia the second season of this family favourite launches ! (You lucky ducks in the UK can catch the second season NOW on CBBC). In this season the stakes are raised, as a new rival rises in the deep to challenge our heroes – the mysterious young “Alpheus” also seeks Lemuria, a threat to everything generations of Nektons have worked towards.
“We’ve raised the stakes, the thrills, and the creature count. Ant has a nemesis ! Jeffrey drives a fishbowl ! Fontaine is….a mermaid ?” – James Brouwer – Co-creator and art director.
“When we created these underwater adventurers here in Australia, I don’t think James or I could possibly imagine how big a fan base the Nektons would have around the world.  These guys once only existed in our heads,and now they are translated into Arabic, Mandarin and Icelandic”. – Tom Taylor – co-creator and head writer.
In the UK, the first season on CBBC was the most popular cartoon in its age range, so there are many of us who – like Ant – “Have faith in the fish !”
In other exciting news, a new The Deep mobile game has been released ! Available now in all the usual app stores, The Deep: Sea of Shadows allows you to control the Nektons in their awesome underwater vehicles. This has also been a firm favourite in my house, with the 4 year-old in particular spending lots of time this weekend navigating Ant in the White Knight !


The Deep season 2 starts here in Australia on ABCMe this Tuesday, August 22nd. As mentioned earlier, you lucky UK viewers can tune in to watch it now on CBBC.


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