Doctor Who Figurine Collection Launches In Oz!

A fair while ago, we reviewed the first issue of Eagle Moss‘s range of Doctor Who figurine magazines. Each issue details a character from the popular BBC television program. A painted figurine comes with the magazine, which is filled with facts about the character and the scene they are taken from.

You can check out our review of that inaugrial issue of the Doctor Who Figurine Collection here.


Doctor Who Figurine Collection Issue 1

Why mention this now? you may well ask. Well, the publisher is about to launch the series in Australia. The collection will launch on August 18 – just before the new series airs in the UK, America and Australia.

I didn’t get any issues past the first (despite the awesome Dalek offer they have over on the official web site) as I couldn’t quite justify the storage space required. I’ve since had a re-arranging of stuff. Shame I’m not Australian!

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