“Doctor Who” 2008 Christmas Special title announced





Outpost Gallifrey reported today that the BBC Press Office has released the name of this year’s “Doctor Who” Christmas special.  It will be called “The Next Doctor,” and apparently confirms some of the news reported on MSN and seen on the Geek Syndicate Web site Sept. 19.  This would be a unique way in the history of this show for preparing viewers for the eventual regeneration of the Tenth Doctor to the Eleventh.  It could also, conversely, be an incredible swerve, playing with the viewers’ expectations while presenting them with a very different story when the episode actually airs.  Either way, it’s a great way to get people watching this Christmas.

Source: Galifreyone  

GS Reporter: Luke

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  1. I saw this and then went searching for the press release – it’s smuggled neatly away at the bottom of the Children in Need competition press release … “we’re inviting 100 winners and 3 guests each to come to Cardiff to see the sets, behind the scene guys and meet some monsters,” two paragraphs later “here’s some news about christmas …” Sneaky – but the eagle eyed Gallifreyans spotted it. Cheers for the info Luke!

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